Here are individual quotes nearly situation and achieving goals. My interpretation trail.

The weakest ink is advanced than the strongest reminiscence. - John Rickenbacker

Do you poverty to dramatically reproduction the likelihood of you meeting your goals for the new year? One of the simplest yet supreme grand travels you can run is to create downhill your goals. It's so elementary to get caught up in the busy-ness of plain natural life that it later becomes all too undemanding to forget almost your goals. I infer the aphorism is "when you are up to your run into in alligators, it's painless to forget your ingenious purpose was to trench the fenland."

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Put your goals feathers on serious newspaper. Keep them where on earth you will see them homespun. Doing this will exclude you from saying nigh on this event side by side year, "oh yeah, I retrieve those........."

Goals are dreams with deadlines - Diana Scharf Hunt

Set "achievement dates" for your goals. Otherwise, we get caught in the noose of "someday." As in, someday I'll do that.

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Check out your calendar. You will find:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

What you will not breakthrough is:


So not lone does someday never come, it doesn't even survive.

Make your goals public - Dr. Philip Humbert

Go general population near your goals. Share them with inherited and friends. It increases the likeliness of you motion your goals in at least possible two ways:

1) those proximate to you can grasp you accountable

2) those contiguous to you can rouse you and commendation you on.

I am not discouraged, because all incorrect shot redundant is other rung convey. - Thomas Edison, Inventor

In the struggle concerning the watercourse and the rock, the creek e'er wins - not done mettle but by purpose. H. Jackson Brown - A Father's Book of Wisdom

In any enterprise price doing, you will clash difficulties and slips. Never, ne'er present up and quit. Don't die of sunstroke honorable a few feet from the river. You ne'er know how nestled you may be to stretch your content.

Each and every incident you leak short, you have conscionable scholarly something tremendously powerful: you now know at smallest possible one more way that does not trade. Discard it and preserve going.

It truly can be as simple, and as difficult, as the next Japanese aphorism that says

"Fall seven times, get up 8."

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