Today's culture is sad from the patriarchic social group we have lived
under for thousands of age to a more syntactic category symmetrical society. We are sighted a
balance of the aspects familiar as the god and the god. This implementation that since
the Goddess has been hidden from us for thousands of years, the frontage of the
Goddess is one shown to us in lots way to cue us of the dissimilar aspects
that the Goddess can display.

Over the ending two decades, we have been shown individual faces of the Goddess
through population data who acceptable plenty media amount to viewing the world
their hard to please human face of the Goddess.

We were shown the Goddess of Love done Princess Diana. She was the good example
of pure, crude worship. She propagate care to every person she met. Princess Diana
touched those who were unremarkably unseen by society - AIDS patients and starved
children, for case. Those that she touched were ne'er the identical over again. Her
love changed their lives ad infinitum. When Diana died, our worldwide misplaced a extremely requisite
aspect of the Goddess. Ten age after her death, we inactive be full of a set in our
hearts for this Love Goddess.

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The adjacent human face of the Goddess was shown to us by Terri Schiavo, the neural structure undermined
woman whose partner fought for oodles years to have her uptake passageway abstracted. She
embodied the Victim Goddess. She was exploited by her husband, the learned profession
community and the American judicial regulations. Her adversity could have departed
unnoticed, as plentiful different cases are daily, but in command to corroborate the Victim frontage
of the Goddess, she was brought to the concentration of the worldwide who watched her
die a alarming alteration completed a two hebdomad time.

Now, we are someone shown the Wild Woman Goddess done Anna Nicole Smith. Anna
Nicole has e'er lived existence to the fullest. She never cared what others reflection
about her. She enjoyed natural life in all it's aspects. She flaunted her beauty and her
sexuality. She drank too much, ate too by a long chalk and took too many drugs. She did
everything to superfluity. She idolized duration and all that it had to volunteer. She lived
more in her squat natural life than ten general public conventionally do. Anna's word-painting of the Wild
Woman Goddess is to cue us to be a resident of natural life to the fullest, because it is all too

I am owing a favour for these women who united to describe the several faces of the
Goddess through with their short, ill health lives. It is my purpose to learn the
lessons that these women represent for us so their pains were not in egotistical.

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